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Website Revamp

After some helpful feedback we have given the website a bit of a makeover.

The size of all the cover images have been increased. For a sample of the previews see:

The images on the main pages and the text on larger screens have also been enlarged. For an example see:

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Paddle Scotland update

Paddle Scotland
There has been a slight delay and the delivery has been booked into the warehouse on Tuesday 6 April. Unfortunately I think we will have to get used to this sort of thing.
Apologies for any inconvenience.
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Brexit and our European Customers

Given the possibility that you may be charged VAT plus a handling fee at your end, it may be safer to order our books from a EU based online store. That way you will at least know what the book will actually cost. There are many available that stock our books including,, farcorner, and fishpond to name a few.

We are of course heartbroken to have to suggest this and to not be able to offer the high level of service in the way we have over the last 20 years.