Wanted: Authors to work closely with outdoor adventure publisher.

We work with aspiring authors, national governing bodies (the British Canoe Union amongst others) and organisations (such as the Snowdonia Society) to produce books which get people active and outdoors, books which sell.

If you have an idea for a book we will be happy to talk things through. Contact Franco by email with any pressing questions or suggestions. If you would like to talk it over include a phone number and a time of day or evening when it would be convenient for him to phone you. We’ll ask you for a written proposal, which will fill us in on:

  • What’s it about? Write a synopsis of the book’s subject, style and features.
  • What’s in your book? Draught a proposed list of contents, which may well evolve as things progress.
  • Who will read your book? Describe your typical reader and the market in which the book will sell.
  • What’s it up against? Make a list of the competition; the current, forthcoming and out of print books which cover a similar topic.
  • Why is this book unique? Describe the assets and features of this book that will make different from the other and will make it sell.

If you have a sample chapter, please send it along with your book proposal.

Email your proposal to: