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Brexit and our European Customers

Given the possibility that you may be charged VAT plus a handling fee at your end, it may be safer to order our books from a EU based online store. That way you will at least know what the book will actually cost. There are many available that stock our books including,, farcorner, and fishpond to name a few.

We are of course heartbroken to have to suggest this and to not be able to offer the high level of service in the way we have over the last 20 years.

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Coming soon – New (3rd edition) of South West Sea Kayaking by Mark Rainsley

Expected 15 April. This edition has been completely updated. All references to locations you can access by car now have a post code as well as a grid reference. Phone numbers, web addresses and coastguard details have all been updated. In all over a thousand changes or new entries.


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Coming soon – PaddleMore in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs

A guide for canoes, kayaks and SUPs
BY: Grant Dolier and Tom Kilpatrick
Arriving 12 March – order your copy now!
Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park is long established as a playground for paddlers and attracts visitors from all over the world. Loch Lomond itself has over eighty kilometres of shoreline to explore, but there is so much more to the park. The twenty-two navigable lochs range from the vast sea lochs around Loch Long to small inland bodies such as Loch Chon. The rivers vary from relaxed meandering waterways like the Balvaig to the steep white water of the River Falloch and everything in between.

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Paddle Scotland – coming soon

Discover the rivers and lochs and gentle coastal trips around Scotland.  This guidebook covers grade 1-2(3) rivers to see the country from a different view than most sightseers.  The canals trips are both described too.   Trips are both urban and remote.  They can be done in one day or as multi-day trips. It’s perfect for those coming out of lockdown to rediscover their country.

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In the Pipeline

We have three different publications at various stages of completion which will be published in the spring.

PaddleMore in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs by Grant Dolier and Tom Kilpatrick. Every type of paddling you can conceive of in this fabulous area brought together in one book.

Paddle Scotland edited by Eddie Palmer. This is a completely revised , updated and redesigned version of Scottish Canoe Touring. The name change reflects the fact that the book is aimed at all paddlers who are looking for gentler waters to paddle on, whether they use kayaks, canoes or paddleboards. Another change is that as well as the longer tours, short easy trips suitable for a short day or even a half day are highlighted.

South East Trail Running by Mark Rainsley. This will inspire and inform any trail runners looking for the pick of the fabulous runs available in this area. a valuable addition to this series.

Scottish Canyoning was also slated for the spring but may have to be delayed because Danny needs to check a few more canyons. At this time, with the restrictions in force, we can’t be sure when that will be completed.

More details to follow soon.