Scottish Canyons

The guide to the canyons and gorge walks of Scotland

BY: Danny Watts
ISBN: 9781906095796
EDITION: first
PUBLICATION DATE: 2 September 2021
FORMAT: paperback; 240 pages; 240x170; colour maps and photos


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This guidebook has been created for both experienced canyoneers and for those who have just started to delve into this adventurous sport. Here you will find information about some of the best canyons and gorges Scotland has to offer. There are 47 Scottish routes to explore, ranging from beautiful entry-level gorge-walks to committing and challenging canyon descents.
Canyoning is an adventurous sport that follows the path of a stream down the mountain side – usually in steep-sided gorges, through cold plunge pools and over tumbling waterfalls. This extreme sport requires a combined range of skills to overcome the obstacles along the river path; from abseiling to jumping, scrambling, climbing, sliding, and swimming. When you put all of this together, it enables you to explore a harsh yet outstanding environment where few have ever been before.

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Originally from Kent, Danny Watts moved to Scotland where he soon discovered his love for the sport of canyoning. Now with over 8 years of canyoning experience, in Scotland and abroad, Danny has become a top guide and a respected canyoning teacher, bringing the skills and experience needed to shape the next generation of canyoneers in the UK. Over the last 5 years, Danny has put his time into exploring both the popular and the unseen canyons, leading a number of first descents into previously un-explored gorges and deep canyons of Scotland. All of this work has accumulated into this book, created with a little bit of hard work, plenty of travel, a lot of wetsuits and a whole heap of passion for the sport.


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